« The Wolf, The Lamb and the Stream» is a polymorphic video originating from the Coperni FW 23 show inspired by the Jean de La Fontaine fable « Le Loup et l’Agneau ». Starring Lila Grace Moss, it questions the relationship between humans and machines.

Directors Alexandre Silberstein and Florent Canale brought this concept to life with the collaboration of Everest Lab and Coperni. They shaped a timeless procedural generative piece comprising several scenarios meticulously but randomly chosen by a host machine.

Starting September 21st 2023, this piece will run continuously for six months in real time on Epic games Unreal Engine and play ever changing 40 seconds stories based on multiple choices of sets, scenarios, looks from Coperni’s collection shaping a new form each time. No less than 320 000 versions will be generated and streamed LIVE on a dedicated website and Coperni’s Youtube channel.

The mesmerizing music composed by Anomaly Spectre accompanies the stories with subtle layers of depth created from three main tracks that have been decomposed in dozen of different versions to follow the generative nature of the piece.

The randomly appearing voiceover follows the same principles. New texts have been generated by prompting Chat Gpt to make different versions of the original fable and are read by an Ai generated voice.

The temporality experienced during the viewing are set to Paris time zone. The general lighting of the scenes will be synchronized accordingly emphasizing the real time aspect of the piece.

« The Wolf, The Lamb and the Stream» is a constant flow of materials, data, algorithms that attempt to represent a current of possibilities, changing throughout its flow, its evolution. By rewriting one of the most popular French fables we are looking for a better balance between the wolf and the lamb allowing everyone to interpret the relationship between humans and technology.


Original Idea
Florent Canale et Alexandre Silberstein

inspired by Coperni’s FW 2023 show
based on Jean de La Fontaine “Le Loup et l’Agneau”

Lila Grace Moss

Kate Moss Agency Ltd

3D scan
FBFX (London)

Creative Direction
Florent Canale

Art Direction
Alexandre Silberstein

Directed by
Alexandre Silberstein & Florent Canale

Produced by
8849 (Everest Lab)

Sylvain Obriot & Thomas Espinosa

Production coordinator
Sonlan Tran

Co-produced by

Co-produced by
Alexandre Silberstein

3D Artists
Lead Unreal Artist : Vincent Legrand
UE Environment Artist : Somphout Chanhtaboutdy
Clothing, Accessories & Props Modeling Artist : Nolan Hortolan

Robot Modeling Artist : Arthur Palluy

Coding & AI
Louis Jeckel

Motion Capture Model
Marine - Folkr studio

Color Grading
Baptiste Vielliard

by Sebastien Meyer & Arnaud Vaillant
Creative consultants for Coperni : Kevin Tekinel & Charles Levai
Styling : Helena Tejedor
Head of design : Charlotte Raymond
Image and communication manager : Mathilde Mateucci
And all the Coperni team


Composed, produced and arranged by Anomaly Spectre
Musical advisor : Marco Novoa
Mastering : Jeremy Obriot

Additional Software
Clothing : Marvelous designer Modeling : Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Blender Ai source scripts generation : ChatGPT Ai voice generation : Play.HT Streaming service : Cloudflare

Motion Capture
Rokoko smartsuit pro II Actorcore

Intervista Hubert Caillard Charlotte Lemesle Ermeline Serre

Made with Epic game’s Unreal Engine 5.2

Lila Moss Avatar © Lila Grace Moss Looks from FW 23 © Coperni
© 2023, 8849 x Coperni x Alexandre Silberstein



© anomaly spectre. all rights reserved.        .